Boardwalk App Engine

Training Modules

Business User Training

Duration – 5 Days  (Maximum No. of participants- 15-20)
  1. Overview of Boardwalk
  2. Benefits
  3. Basic BW features training
  4. Template and workflow training
  5. Securing a workbook using BCP tools

Advanced User training

User with Process flow and requirement understanding.
Duration - 5 Days
  1. BW feature training- Architecting a Process
  2. UT training- How to create templates using UT
  3. Cuboid (Database) creation using UT
  4. Introducing Formats and Validations

Advanced training with functionality development – Developer

Macros -User with excel and VBA knowledge + DB structure and DEV understanding
Duration - 10 Days
  1. How to create/manage Admin template
  2. User templates-create multiple template according to user groups
  3. Customised functionality-VBA Macros + SQL Procedures
  4. Advanced BCP feature like Periodic shift, Aggregation, Integration, etc.
  5. Merging Data from Multiple sources

Admin Training for IT- BW instance setup, Monitoring and Maintenance

Duration - 3 Days

Business Analyst Training

Training as in 1 above plus training on UT and training on recording business process requirements using UT
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