Demand planning

Typical inputs/data required for demand planning is sales historical data such as bookings, shipments, invoices, returns, and inventory data such as stock in hand, in transit, with distributors. Along with history data, forecast data such as, annual plan, statistical forecast, revenue forecast, sales forecast, sales pipeline, incoming supply, manufacturing forecast and customer forecast. Besides actual and forecast data other adhoc data is required such as direct and indirect competition, price changes, marketing events and promotional activities, production capacity, political events, style or fashion etc.

Mostly this data is either coming from ERP systems, Legacy systems, other third party systems and data gathered manually and stored in spreadsheets or PDFs.

Although there are applications that can do demand planning, but they require all the required data in a structured manner. Organizations end up making the unstructured data into structured manner by getting all data in MS Excel. This exercise is every time taking, laborious and prone to errors and requires different users working on different data, do consolidation from different spreadsheets etc.

In "BCP" getting data from external sources can be automated with desired validations and data transformation and massaging steps to make it structured data required for demand planning. All data can be made available in one for more spreadsheets and users can work simultaneously on their data set in a collaborative manner and data required for demand planning gets structured automatically.

After this exercise in "BCP" data can be used for demand planning and forecasting reports with graphical representations in MS Excel. In "BCP" data is secured and provides logical access control with email notification.

Do you find hard to get all data for demand planning?

Use "BCP" to collaborate data from all sources to prepare demand planning and forecasting

Does it take time to prepare demand planning and forecasting reports?

Use "BCP" for automating demand planning processes and generating desired reports
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