Spreadsheet Data Security for RBI Compliance

Banks need to create an enterprise wide secured IT environment and information model to development IT application architecture for its decision-supporting activities, consistent with IT strategy. The model should maintain data integrity, be flexible, business user friendly, easy to implement, functional, cost-effective, timely, secure and resilient to failure.

Banks work with Spreadsheets for critical functions like Financial and Regulatory reporting, Budgeting & Planning, MIS and Operational and Credit risk management. This needs to be done through proper IT applicationsby reducing manual interference and automating spreadsheets processes which pose risks relating to data integrity and reliability.

Boardwalk provides a secure environment for the spreadsheet data and a collaborative platform to automate processes with built in workflows like maker- checker, e-mail alert mechanism workflows,access control, time stamp, integration with backend systems, spreadsheet data secured in database, data security, control on formulae and macros and audit trail at cell level. Boardwalk helps you to continue working on spreadsheets with high risk critical data.
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