Enterprise Risk

In every organization risk plays a major role in its well being. The higher the risk, the higher the return, hence, it is essential to maintain a parity between risk and return.
  1. Businesses deal with data used by various departments or individual users. This makes it difficult to secure the data and track all the changes
  2. It is difficult to abstract the data for different processes and roles across the organization, stakeholders, auditors & various other users
  3. Managers spend more time consolidating input than making crucial decisions
  4. Defining roles and responsibilities and giving access controls
  5. Information security and information asset life cycle
  6. Inventory and information data classification
  7. Application control and security
  8. Implementation and Migration controls
  9. Encryption and data security
  10. Patch and change management
  11. Audit trails

BCP for Risk and Compliance

Using BCP

  1. Reduced manual processes and eliminated process related errors
  2. Entire process automated using Boardwalk Command Language control environment
  3. ingle point of truth, central repository, with role appropriate access control ensuring information security
  4. Provided collaboration and flexibility amongst users, across different geographical locations
  5. Role based template, depending on the access criteria defined for the user
  6. Facilitated two-way integration with DW and ERP, to maintain entire in one place
  7. Audit trail of changes made to data, formulas and templates

Customer Benefit

  1. Entire Process Automation
  2. Data Security
  3. Control over change management
  4. Increased Revenue
  5. SOX compliance & adherence to regulatory policy
  6. Accelerated task completion through robust collaboration capabilities
  7. The look and feel offers easy adaptability for its users
  8. A standard process across regions and offices ensured consistency and avoided duplication of data
  9. Optimize business operations with real-time visibility into work in progress through continuous process monitoring and analytics
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