Integrated Asset Management Solution (IAMS)

Unique Product developed for operating plants in theOil & Gas/ Refinery/ Petrochemical/ Energy Sector

What is IAMS?

  1. Unique solution that enables the user to manage the assets in an optimal manner.
How does it do it?
  1. By providing structured asset overview through well-defined, equipment specific KPIs.
How does it work?
  1. Multiple users enter data in an equipment specific template manually or automatically through the interfacing points provided to capture and transfer data to IAMS server.
  2. Data entry is user specific and easy as it is guided by equipment specific template.
  3. Database is generated and KPI's are displayed on the dashboard and can also be seen on browser-based interface.
Key features
  1. Eliminated gaps and provides single updated version of data.
  2. KPIs provide visibility and trigger suitable corrective actions.
  3. Multiple users can interact simultaneously.
  4. Each user enters data specific to his role.
  5. Customized interaction with client's ERP tool (e.g. SAP).
  6. Brings in needed discipline for the data capturing users.
  7. Provides visibility of extent of work carried out by key users.
  8. Ensures that genuine data is fed to the template as data entry is guided by protocol.
Application of IAMS
  1. IAMS is created for the Oil & Gas & Energy sector.
Specific field
  1. IAMS is created for the Oil & Gas & Energy sector.
  1. a. IAMS will be extended to other rotating equipment i.e. Compressors, Turbines etc., Static mechanical equipment and other electrical equipment and instruments as well.
IAMS core
  1. Patented Collaborative Tabular Database Technology from USA.
  2. Patented equipment specific tailor-made template and best in class KPIs.
What IAMS does not do?
  1. Analysis of dynamic data (e.g. On-line Bently Nevada Machine Monitoring System : Bently Nevada System 1)
  2. Analysis of vibration signatures captured by data-loggers (e.g. SKF, SPM)
  3. Analysis of thermography.
  4. Analysis of motor current
IAMS is an innovation!

Innovation manifests when an idea is implemented to create an impact.

Let us also look at the "impact" felt by the customer.

A typical operating plant can recover the investment done for IAMS in less than a year.

Well-developed KPI's trigger timely actions that reduce the maintenance expenses. Also, as optimum availability/ reliability of the assets is ensured the company can produce "possible peak revenues" in a sustainable manner.

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