Boardwalk Collaborative Platform (BCP)

The Boardwalk Collaboration Platform (BCP) allows you to rapidly implement business processes using Excel as the user interface. BCP is a patented "tabular" database technology that enables secure, collaborative data sharing between desktop users and multiple backend systems. BCP enables run-time concurrent collaboration between multi-users down to the cell level from within the same spreadsheets you use today on your desktop.

Boardwalk solution areas :

  1. Sales and Operation Planning (S & OP)
  2. Sales and Revenue Forecasting
  3. Trading Partner Collaboration
  4. Partner Performance Management
  5. RoHS Compliance
  6. SOX Compliance
  7. Financial Planning and Budgeting
    • Treasury
    • Cash Management
  8. Project and Portfolio Management
  9. Production Planning
  10. Material Management
  11. Resource Management
  12. Demand and Supply Chain Management
  13. Stock Management
    • Monitor stock level and notify Management on critical situations to plan accordingly.
    • Analyze and follow-up on stock movement and stock levels (minimum and maximum levels, buffer stocks…).
    • Monitor the stock provisions; prepare the projections of stock and stock provisions based on the purchases, sales, current stock and liquidation plans by brand.
  14. Enterprise Report Management and Financial Analysis
    • Prepare the monthly sell in and sales comparison reports.
    • Analyze the financial results (TDB) and activities of the company and discuss with Management on the results for better planning.
    • Analyze monthly the retails sales against last year and budget. Highlight and discuss on the performance/issues with Management (by brand, by store, by country, by mall, etc).
    • Analyze monthly the retail sell through (sales against deliveries) by brand, by store, by country etc.
    • Analyze on the distribution cost – logistics (warehousing and handling charges).
    • Preparing reports, presentations, analysis according to the business needs/requirements as requested by Management.
  15. IT Process Platform
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