Boardwalk Sales & Operation Planning

Operations & Production

While on the Operations and Production side, there are big challenges to collate, review and analysis of a lot of data created in individual systems or manually prepared and shared. This is the entire gamut of activities / analytics to understand and monitor the health of the operations and production systems, infrastructure, equipment, stock of materials and human resources.
  1. As regards stock of various types of materials there are the usual challenges of visibility of stock –in hand as well as in transit – from vendor to company and from company to sales networks, ageing, expiration, excess stock, "quality" of the inventory.
  2. In case of equipment it is could be more to do with monitoring maintenance schedules, downtime, service history, etc. to take pro-active decisions of replacement and procurement.
  3. Vendors operations cover warehousing and transport activities, Vendor Managed Inventory, order fulfillment, vehicle routing, and coordination with logistic companies and vendors. Vendor rating and management could also be a continuous task.


On the customer facing side, there are BIG opportunities in customer-profiling and understanding the buying behavior. This includes ordering, value, frequency, range of items, demographics, response to promotions, etc. on the supply side.

Supply Chain Planners

Planners probably do roles covering demand forecasting, aggregation& planning, procurement and production planning, inventory planning amongst other responsibilities.

Finance & Human Resource

In the Finance and HR area Budgeting, Planning, Analysis and Review, Resource forecasting, budgeting and planning happens in most organisations on spreadsheets.

The plethora of excel files, software platforms, web-portals, vendors, channel partners, etc make a complex system where real-time visibility of data could be a challenge.

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